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Time for a raid event!. As per usual, this event will have 2 custom tags available but this time 1 will automatically be reserved for the cannoning faction while the other will be inside the base. Hopefully many of you will be there during the event as there will be lots of team fights and PvP.

When: 8PM GMT / 3PM EST on 25th February


Where: The event will be running at /warp raid on both Blue and Red

Information: The base will have 80 walls this will include; sand walls, cobble walls, obsidian walls and all kinds of filters to make everyone's life difficult. Cannon claims will be limited to 5x5, and if anyone tries to claim extremely large areas this event I will remove all their claims from the event.

-Reminder, points can only be gained if you raid the base above y100

  • First base breach : 3000 Points
  • Inside base (At different heights)
    • 4 Legendary Keys
    • 8 Mythical Keys...
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Hey all

Just wanted to make a quick announcement to let you know that the Faction Upgrades have been added. I know, they're late :( There were a few very serious issues that needed to be fixed before I could finish this feature.

To start, there are 2 upgrades which you can buy with in-game money through the /f upgrade GUI:
  • Power Boost
    Boost's each member's power by +10 per level.
  • Spawner Mob Stack Size
    Adds +1 to the mob stack per level.
All faction upgrades have a max level and may not be purchased beyond that limit. Over time, I will be adding more and more variety of upgrades.
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Time for the first event of Season 2! The map seems to have picked up and everyone is enjoying it, so I figured next weekend would be a good time to run a tournament. Hopefully lots of you sign up and battle it out for the points on offer :p

To enter state both the players in your team and add a Team name - This will make it easier if you need to sub someone in.

Any posts which aren't an entry will be deleted - 1 entry per player anyone who doesn't follow this is DQ'd.

9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 11th February


Where: The tournament will take place on Blue in an arena we have ready.

Side Info: This tournament is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter the tournament!

What Kit:

-(1) Protection 2 set of diamond armor
-(1) Sharp 3 diamond sword
-(16) Splash health 2 potions
-(2) Speed 2 drinkables...
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Here are the top voters for January!


Once again vote top is tied across all 10 of you, thanks to everyone who voted! Same as last month, everyone on vote top will receive $35 for their support this month,

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please start a conversation with @Yacobb using this format:

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:

PvP Event + some additions coming soon stay tuned!
by Byteflux at 7:53 PM
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As you know, Season 2 launched yesterday after an unfortunate 30 minute delay (sorry!).

It would seem that for whatever reason :rolleyes:, player counts have shifted from Red to Blue, making Blue the dominant server now. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

I know this reset isn't any bigger than the last, and that makes some of you sad. There was competition lined up to play, but some of them quit because the reset wasn't as big as they had hoped. I know many of you were hoping for something bigger than last season and I regret having to disappoint you on that.

We are always exploring smaller YouTubers to hire, our attempts to contact and get a commitment have often been unsuccessful. This time around we had a few but they ended up being non-committed and mostly inactive. I only blame myself and I will continue to explore potential YouTubers to hire in order to drive new traffic to Origin.

Overall I'm satisfied with the work that our team has put into this...