by Scuba at 5:56 PM
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Hello, you guys probably thought I forgot about this but I didn't - I was busy fighting hurricane Irma with my friends from the gun range in Florida. As you may have noticed the map has slowed down now, so we are beginning preparations for the next season. Any suggestions you guys have make sure to start a thread on the forums and we'll check through them.


As the vote numbers are very random this month, credits will be awarded as such;

1,2,3 : $50
4,5,6 : $30
7,8,9,10 : $25

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please use the forum support section to redeem your credit.

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:

Thank you to everyone who voted!
by Scuba at 7:41 PM
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Hello, thought I'd throw a spontaneous event in for you guys. This will be tomorrow and hopefully something different to what you usually see on here. Been a pretty fun map so far despite those who have been diagnosed with coitism, so this should keep us on a good run for lots of events :rolleyes::rolleyes: There will be no need to signup for this event, just be online when it is due to start.

When: 9PM GMT on 19th August (refer to this for other timezones)

Where: The tournament will take place on Red in an arena we have ready.

Side Info: The event will be ran twice, anyone who wants to take part can just tp to the /warp spleef once the event is ready. There will be no strict rules on teaming besides purposely not trying to beat a faction member if you are the only 2 remaining on a level. The design has 3 levels...
by Byteflux at 11:14 PM
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Just checking in with the promised announcement regarding all the recent updates. I'm sure most of you will have noticed these changes by now, but there are also a few lesser known updates which you may want to be aware of.

Event Commands

Due to popular demand, the following informational commands were added for retrieving the status of any of the automated events:
  • Beacon Star: /beaconstar and /star
  • Wither King: /witherking and /wk
  • Supply Drop: /supplydrop and /sd
These commands will either provide a countdown of the upcoming event, or tell you whether the event is currently running and where it is located.

Supply Drop Updates

There's been a lot of cheesing with regards to claiming the supply drop area, as such we've had to make a couple of changes to make the whole thing less frustrating:
  • The...
by Byteflux at 11:38 PM
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It's been a while since you've seen an announcement from me, so I thought an overdue top voters announcement would be perfect.

Stay tuned because I have another announcement coming soon, probably this weekend, regarding all of the updates that have been so far added to this season, including any new updates that I will be adding between now and the announcement.

For now, let's get right down to the top voters:


I want to say thank you to all of you who vote, and thanks to the top voters for your dedication to voting, each vote matters and contributes to the growth and success of the server.

Being limited to just 3 voting sites has made it such that everyone of the top voters for the past several months have been consistently reaching the max votes. I'm really happy that there's a lot of enthusiasm to vote, but at the same time it can also be unfair. As such, we've added 2 new voting sites.

As with all the previous months...
by Scuba at 11:18 PM
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Okay so we've had quite a few regular raid events in the past, so it's time to mix it up. This event will have no PvP involved, it will be entirely based on how quickly you can organise your faction to build your cannon and breach the base. Hopefully you guys like this, and it will give some of the smaller factions a chance to compete without pvpers.

When: 8PM GMT on 12th August (Other timezones use this link)

Where: The event will be running at /warp raid on Red (You can spectate here if not competing)

Information: The base will have 80 walls exactly. This will be the usual combination of sand walls, cobble walls, obsidian walls, bedrock walls and filters. The first faction to breach the end base will recieve all the points and their respective rewards. The 2nd faction to breach will also recieve their respective rewards....