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Time for the next event! As per usual we will be hosting a raid event, but this time it will have a few changes. There will be a main base with the best loot, and then 4 bases around the side of the main base containing less valuable loot (and some rare items). Make sure to bring your entire faction along as this is still a mix of cannoning and pvp.

When: 9PM GMT on 27th May (Other timezones use this link)

Where: The event will be running at /warp raid on both Blue and Red

Information: The main base will have 60 walls this will include; sand walls, cobble walls, obsidian walls and all kinds of filters to make everyone's life difficult. There may also be some bedrock walls/filters as everyone enjoys those! The smaller bases will have 15-20 walls. Max cannon claims are 5x5 chunks, this will be actively enforced.

Reminder, points can only be...
by Scuba at 5:07 PM
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Something new to mark the beginning of Season 3!
This map seems to be going well with more competition for f top, so we may as well determine the best PvPer in a 1v1 tournament that requires more than just fast clicking and ping.

To enter the tournament all you need to do is post your name below - Any posts which aren't an entry will be deleted. 1 entry per player or you will be DQ'd.

Anyone who signs up and misses the event without telling me prior to it will be banned from the next 2 events.

9PM GMT on 13th May (refer to this for other timezones)

Where: The tournament will take place on Red in an arena we have ready.

Side Info: This tournament is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter the tournament!

What Kit:...
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It's been about a week since Season 3 went live, and I hope most, if not all of you are having a good season thusfar.

I just wanted to check in with any changes I forgot to announce in the initial changelog as well as announce how the TNT filling from chests will work.

These are the changes that went live on reset day which were not announced in the original post:
  • Sell Stick and /sell tax increased from 20% to 35%. We made this change as part of our effort to balance the ridiculously broken economy from last map.
  • Bedrock price increased from 100k to 500k each. This was an obvious change, bedrock was simply too accessible in large quantities, it had to be nerfed. There are no plans to buff the durability, at the moment we're happy with the the cost and durability of bedrock.
  • Witches drop potions. Currently they only drop Splash Healing 2, Str 2, Speed 2 and Fire Res Ext potions. The rates for each of the different potions varies, but they do drop splash healing...
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Hello Origin, it's that time of the month!

No no, not that time of the month. It's time to reward the top voters for April.


For those ranked 1-8 with 87 votes you will receive $35 Credit
For those ranked 9-10 with 86 votes you will receive $30 Credit

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please use the forum support section to redeem your credit.

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:
by Byteflux at 1:34 AM
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It's that time again. Season 2 has played out long enough and it's about time for us to get ready for Season 3. Before I get into the details of next season, here are the winners of the current season:

Top Blue Factions
  1. Xclusiv: 111,823
  2. SuperNovas: 46,141
  3. LetsGoCrazy: 21,022
Top Red Factions
  1. God: 79,810
  2. TommyG: 35,287
  3. Puff: 29,378
If you are the leader of any of these factions, please contact an admin over the forums about how to spend your store credits. Thanks to everyone to participated this season!

Now onto the actual announcement...

Season 3
April 29, 2017 @ 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)
As usual, we will be resetting on a date and time that is...