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Final event of the map! As per usual, this event will have 2 custom tags available and 1 will automatically be reserved for the cannoning faction while the other will be inside the base. These events are usually a team effort of both cannoners and pvpers, so make sure to bring a strong team.

When: 7PM GMT / 2PM EST on 15th April


Where: The event will be running at /warp raid on both Blue and Red

Information: The base will have 80 walls this will include; sand walls, cobble walls, obsidian walls and all kinds of filters to make everyone's life difficult. Cannon claims will be limited to 5x5, and if anyone tries to claim extremely large areas this event I will remove all their claims from the event.

Reminder, points can only be gained if you raid the base above y100

  • First base breach : 7500 Points
  • Inside base (At...
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Time to try something new! Many of you guys will have played this gamemode before elsewhere, but why not have the same event on Origin. For those unaware, Survival Games involves spawning around a central set of chests and there is loot scattered around the map - last surviving wins. Once again teaming will not be allowed, and those caught teaming will be removed.

When: 9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 8th April


Where: The event will take place on Blue in a map we have ready

Side Info: This event is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter! We will be actively watching the event. Teaming isn't allowed, but you may hide within the arena.

There won't be a player limit, just make sure to turn up to the event within 15 minutes of the start time because after that I will stop...
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Hello Origin, it's that time of the month!

No no, not that time of the month. It's time to reward the top voters for March.


For those ranked 1-8 with 93 votes you will receive $35 Credit
For those ranked 9-10 with 92 votes you will receive $30 Credit

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please start a conversation with @Yacobb using this format:

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the LMS Event today, if you have any ideas for new events or suggestions you would like to see on the servers make sure to drop a comment below! Thanks for the consistent support on the servers, all those who donate/vote are greatly appreciated and the server wouldn't be around without you guys :)

Also, following the little mishap with a Minelink ape winning the event today there...
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You guys have been quite keen for a last man standing event so here it is! Our little sister Minelink had one recently and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so why not have one here too. For those unaware, LMS is a large free for all event inside an arena where you battle until there is 1 man remaining. Any attempts at teaming will result in your removal from the event (All players will be invisible).

When: 9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 1st April


Where: The tournament will take place on Blue in an arena we have ready. (/warp lms)

Side Info: This event is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter the tournament! We will be actively watching the event. If you remove your armour and hide invis, you will be /killed. Teaming isn't allowed, but you may hide within the arena.

What Kit:
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This is the first time I've tried one of these and I thought it could be good fun! Hopefully everyone is enjoying Season 2, beacon star has recently been revamped and we're constantly looking at ways to improve the server. This event will offer a unique 'Parkour' custom tag alongside other loot, so make sure to come online and take part.

When: 8PM GMT on 18th March


Where: This event will be ran on blue, a /warp parkour will be added.

Information: The parkour consists of 10 seperate levels, followed by a maze. Each level has a unique design and will involve different types of parkour for you try out There will be 2 areas where you can sethome to keep your progress if you decide to leave and comeback later, and setting homes/tping will be disabled. The final maze leads to 3 exits but only 1 of them will hold the custom tag :p