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Hello Origin, it's that time of the month!

No no, not that time of the month. It's time to reward the top voters for April.


For those ranked 1-8 with 87 votes you will receive $35 Credit
For those ranked 9-10 with 86 votes you will receive $30 Credit

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please use the forum support section to redeem your credit.

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:
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It's that time again. Season 2 has played out long enough and it's about time for us to get ready for Season 3. Before I get into the details of next season, here are the winners of the current season:

Top Blue Factions
  1. Xclusiv: 111,823
  2. SuperNovas: 46,141
  3. LetsGoCrazy: 21,022
Top Red Factions
  1. God: 79,810
  2. TommyG: 35,287
  3. Puff: 29,378
If you are the leader of any of these factions, please contact an admin over the forums about how to spend your store credits. Thanks to everyone to participated this season!

Now onto the actual announcement...

Season 3
April 29, 2017 @ 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)
As usual, we will be resetting on a date and time that is...
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Hello Origin it's that time of the month! No no... not that time of the month. I lied about the raid event being the final event this map :) I wanted to run a 1v1 tournament, but PvP get tedious and this seems like a more enjoyable alternative. There is no Pvping in this event, it's purely an event to see who can cannon quickly and effectively to kill the opponent. Reset is also coming soon, so make sure to check the forums regularly for more information.

When: 9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 22nd April

Where: The event will take place on Blue in an arena which has been prepared


Information: There is a 32 player limit for this event so it doesn't take too long. Post your IGN on...
by Scuba at 9:26 PM
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Final event of the map! As per usual, this event will have 2 custom tags available and 1 will automatically be reserved for the cannoning faction while the other will be inside the base. These events are usually a team effort of both cannoners and pvpers, so make sure to bring a strong team.

When: 7PM GMT / 2PM EST on 15th April

Where: The event will be running at /warp raid on both Blue and Red

Information: The base will have 80 walls this will include; sand walls, cobble walls, obsidian walls and all kinds of filters to make everyone's life difficult. Cannon claims will be limited to 5x5, and if anyone tries to claim extremely large areas this event I will remove all their claims from the event.

Reminder, points can only be gained if you raid the base above y100

  • First base breach : 7500 Points
  • Inside base (At...
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Time to try something new! Many of you guys will have played this gamemode before elsewhere, but why not have the same event on Origin. For those unaware, Survival Games involves spawning around a central set of chests and there is loot scattered around the map - last surviving wins. Once again teaming will not be allowed, and those caught teaming will be removed.

When: 9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 8th April

Where: The event will take place on Blue in a map we have ready

Side Info: This event is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter! We will be actively watching the event. Teaming isn't allowed, but you may hide within the arena.

There won't be a player limit, just make sure to turn up to the event within 15 minutes of the start time because after that I will stop...