by Scuba at 12:16 PM
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If you are a leader of one of these factions, please start a forum conversation with me with how you want your credit spent. Thanks for competing!

______________.[ Top Red Factions ]._____________

1. BadRep $4,257,922,050
2. Puff $372,009,070
3. Havok $216,688,520

______________.[ Top Blue Factions ].______________
1. LetsGoCrazy $728,785,020
2. Curse $306,808,830
3. IAm $289,059,580

1st = $200
2nd =$100
3rd = $50

(You can use these with the sale)

by Byteflux at 11:09 PM
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Well, it was a rough launch, we had some problems getting Blue up to speed with all the change, but as of this moment, Red is currently accepting players!

I want to take this opportunity to put out some additional information that everyone should familiarize themselves with before playing:


TNT will be disabled for the first week to give time for all factions to do their base work. (Countdown)

World Border

The world border in overworld no longer wraps on the edge like in previous maps. This means you should build your main base wall about 2 or 3 blocks away from the actual border to prevent any form of border glitching.


Kits have been updated: Cash-only kit1's have all been removed, instead you will now automatically receive rank cash when you join the map and when you purchase or upgrade a rank.

Certain kits in the same rank which share the same...
by Byteflux at 5:47 AM
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Greetings, Origin.

It's been a while since you've heard from @RagingDouche or myself regarding the state of the server. I'm sure most of you probably want an explanation for what's been going on and why we allowed it to ever come to this point.

As you all know, 10.0 was not a very pleasant reset, to put it mildly, and we blame nobody but ourselves for this. We inherited a great server from a pair of great owners and we managed to fuck it up.

@Sudzzy and @belztim entrusted us with Origin because they felt it would be best cared for in our hands. I have no doubt that by now they might both be feeling a bit saddened at the current state of affairs.

We overestimated our ability to take over Origin and ended up overwhelmed by the task. A lot of Origin's inner workings were foreign to us, we didn't adapt quick enough to fix a lot of the ongoing issues that plagued the map.

This led to an atmosphere of increasing irritation among...