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The final event of Origin Season 1! /f top has been closely contested throughout the map on both Blue and Red and this Raid Event should help to decide the winners. 5000 Points are up for grabs, so make sure to be well prepared with PvPers and Cannoners if you wish to try and win this event.

7PM GMT/ 2PM EST on 7th January

Where: There will we be a /warp raid

Information: Due to popular complaint from the last Raid Event, this one will be more challenging. The base will be protected by over 60 walls with different kinds of protection including slab, obsidian and trapdoor filters. The max claim limit for cannons will be 5x5 chunks, and extra claims will be removed (We will be online to moderate this) - This doesn't include counter cannon claims. Once again, cannoning materials will not be provided so make sure to start collecting resources from now.

To achieve the points from the raid event, you need to...
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Due to popular demand, we will be implementing a TNT grace period. This was originally a suggestion made by @Eisforecho and was very positively received by the community.

Being with your family during Christmas is more important than your Minecraft base. We encourage everyone to enjoy their Christmas without fear of someone cannoning through your base.

TNT explosions will be disabled from Dec 23 @ 12 AM EST to Dec 26 @ 12 AM EST.

That's all I have for now, but stay tuned because I have an upcoming announcement planned regarding some changes to ranks. We'll be taking a good look at buffing ranks and making up for the value that's been lost with the removal of kit1 spawners.
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2v2 Tournament time! This should give a better representation of the best pvpers on the server and provide another chance to those who couldn't compete or got knocked out in the last tournament. Also as Christmas is a time of giving, be online during the event for a chance to win some rewards ;)

To enter state both the players in your team and add a Team name - This will make it easier if you need to sub someone in.

Any posts which aren't an entry will be deleted - 1 entry per player anyone who doesn't follow this is DQ'd.

9PM GMT / 4PM EST on 17th December

Where: The tournament will take place on Red in an arena we have ready.

Side Info: This tournament is for all players on Origin. All items are supplied so please, no matter where you play, you can enter the tournament!

What Kit:

-(1) Protection 2 set of diamond armor
-(1) Sharp 3 diamond sword
-(16) Splash...
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Here are the top voters for November!


Payments for top voters are as followed:

1. $100
2-3. $50
4-10. $25

All amounts are store credit.
* Please note that all amounts are not discounted with any sale.

If you are on this list, please start a conversation with me or @Yacobb using this format:

In Game Name:
Amount Received/What you want:

Thanks for voting!

PS: Hope to see everyone at the raid event on Saturday :p
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I think we can all agree it is time for a raid event! The event will be on both Blue and Red with multiple rewards from the base and everyone will be able to take part. PvP and messing with other factions may play a big part in the outcome, so make sure to protect your cannon if you plan to attempt on the base.

When: 6PM GMT / 1PM EST on 3rd December

Where: The event will be running at /warp raid

Information: The base will have around ~30 walls including filters, sand walls and normal flat walls. You will be only allowed to claim a maximum of 4x4 chunks on your cannon to allow everyone the opportunity to get claims at the base. Claims used to counter-cannon other factions aren't counted in this. You need to provide your own cannoning materials, including TnT - It would be a good idea to start saving from now!

-Reminder, points can only be gained if you raid the base above y100

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