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    So today my faction on Blue (Malevolent) got raided and the cannon was lined up at around Y 150. My base had 3 reverse layers between my cow farm (Y150) and my creeper/pigmen at Y 250. Somehow the people who raided me (Players: BedCover,Bigslime24pvp,Patry4lowIQ) got into my upper grinder without reversing up with a cannon as there were no holes in my reverse layers. It appears that they glitched in using creeper eggs. I know this isn't exactly insiding but glitching kinda goes with it I think. The point is the rules clearly state that glitching is illegal in any way and the fact that these players were able to get all of my spawners at both 250 and 150 using glitches is not fair. I lost about 50mill of wealth via a not legit way. I understand that breaking into the grinder with a cannon was legit but getting into the upper part of my base was completely unfair. I don't know if anything can be done about this but it is really frustrating when you lose all the stuff that you worked for due to some players glitching into your base through not legit way. Thanks for taking my complaint into consideration and I hope something can be done about this so no other player has to lose hours of their time to a unfair glitching. -Infinitly

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