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    Minecraft Username?


    Time Zone/Country?
    (GMT) Algeria.

    Do you have a microphone and use Discord?

    When did you first join the server?
    It was in 2016.

    Which server do you mainly play?

    0 hours.

    Have you been previously banned or muted? If so, explain why.
    As stated above, I have been around a lot. Last time I remember being banned was greifing. It's no fun and it's sad to do so I am not sure why I did it because i don't really remember getting many pleasures out of doing it other than being frustrated to the fact that the mods no longer wanted me on the server anymore. It wasn't serious greif. Only a few blocks. The reason that sparked so much attention was because there was lava and it spread everywhere. I am such an idiot for doing it because he was a colleague of mine and I lost him because of that which I was rather annoyed about. Like I said also above about hacking, I was banned on that one for speed. Like the grefing scenario, there was no pleasure, it was all about me and finding it "funny" somehow when I look back in disappointment because that's what I did and I feel ashamed of doing so.

    Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, elaborate and provide proof.
    My experience is so vast in moderating servers. Since 2016 and after, I have been all over as well as being with BlocksMC, I still was always looking out for a server who needed staff. I have been employed or promoted if you like, to a mod on a server before but not one with a mass community. At this time i would be really irresponsible to be a staff member but I have grown and matured as the years have gone by with Minecraft and think I am ready for the next big thing. I was a moderator on a sever called CastleCraft and it was a fairly quiet server out of all the other ones but served it's purpose. I was able to structure a tiny community by promoting staff, creating rules and ensuring the atmosphere of the server is very positive. This was the most important step to me and I really thing that's the important part of anything to do with a server, I am sure anyone may agree with me on that. I have lots of experience with bullying and harassment and even abuse that I have seen in my time and I would know the appropriate thing to do when taking action in a situation. Now and then however I may struggle but hopefully it should not effect moderating on this server.

    Why have you decided to apply for staff?
    I have always loved the OriginMC server and I decided to apply for staff because i think i could definitely help the community and help the player base.

    What will you do if you are given staff?
    I am typiclly online everyday. Not to be a suck-up but i do have a lot of free time at the moment so to fill my spare time I go on Minecraft and any other type of games that interest me. The community of OriginMC Is huge and are always willing to accept people who are really kind and helpful and fit the job role. I believe I am one of those people. I am able to read lots of forum posts and give useful feedback such as; New class ideas, discussions and importantly the help and support sections when all that eventually opens. I have specialized in the help and support topic but i will get round to that in the up-coming days when the community base has been built entirely. I can also help the mod team by ensuring that I understand why people may be depressed about something which I am capable to help with, or if any means of help i am able to do it. If anyone including the staff need any help what-so-ever, I will always be here to help out and i can't say more clearly that I mainly don't often disappoint. My aim here is to impress everyone I meet.

    I will try to improve OriginMC eventually by ensuring I’m there for lots of people and I make sure im on track on all forum posts when it comes and responding to class ideas in the correct responsible way (If there will be one). I am able to show a wide range of ideas within the internet for ctf, however im not that good of a builder but I could think of possible ideas for classes. But my main strengths are being with people in discussions and being able to get to know them and me in-game or on the forum. I can also show OriginMC that I was around some time with BlocksMC and I am aware of the standards that OriginMC expect. I was part of the HRC team at BlocksMC which was a hack informer in a skype group. I had always been friendly since the day I came to capture the flag and I am not a mean person because all i ever wanted to do is help. I act my own way and have my own personal opinions such as, if they wanted class idea feedback i would give my honest opinion in the most polite way possible. I am really familiar with the game-mode, and I am able to show pride in playing that server. I have many people who know me as a factions regular and many other friends who I really enjoy spending my free time with.

    Have you made any previous applications in the past for our server?

    Do you fully understand Origin's rules?

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    origin isnt a server you want to be staff on, lots of undermining and other shit, not worth it with the servers current state
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    damn Algeria :D
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    Hilarious meme my friend.

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