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    Use the following format to claim your map winnings, top voter or event prizes:
    Server: The server that you are claiming your prizes on.

    IGN: Your in-game name for verification. You may be asked to confirm your identity by sending an in-game mail on the hub to an admin.

    Reason: Why are you submitting this claim? Specify whether you are claiming event prizes, top voter prizes or map winnings.

    Instructions: Very specifically, outline what you would like to spend your Buycraft credits on in the store. Buycraft credit applies to the full price of store items, not the sale price. If you won PayPal, please provide a list of accounts and how much should be sent to each account.

    You may not claim more than one type of winning from a single request. For example, you can't claim both your event winnings and top voter prize in the same thread, you must instead make a new thread.
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